Future Directors Zimbabwe is a development programme designed to bring future leaders into the boardroom through couching, mentorship and placement of young people. This programme provides an opportunity to those new to governance to observe and participate on a board, learn from experienced directors, and learn from being mentored for a period of 12-18 months.

As part of the programme Future Directors also go through the Mentorship for Diversity programme. This is intended to improve the mentees’ governance knowledge and sustainability for selection onto a board.

1. Become a Future Director

The programme is open to aspiring leaders who are not eligible for the IoDZ Full Membership and Fellow Category. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and must have at least 3 years working experience in any field.

Benefits of the Future Directors Development Programme?

  • First – Hand Board experience opportunity through Board Internship
  • Director networks and events
  • Access to the IoDZ Mentorship and Couching programme
  • Growing networks
  • Board Profile Building
  • Access to esteemed Director Networks and development of director capabilities
  • Increased board role visibility
  • Membership Acceleration

2. Become a Mentor

Mentorship for Diversity Programme

“Fusing Ideas, perspectives and experience on the Board Table”

Gain personal satisfaction by making a difference in the career development of next generation leaders, enable your professional and personal growth by sharing the knowledge you acquired through your years of experience, and plough back to the industry and the institutions that helped you gain your expertise and reach success.


  • Solid track Record as an Executive and/or Non-Executive Director
  • Over Five Years Board Experience on a Medium to Large Enterprise
  • Understanding of Diversity Contribution to Board Performance

3. Become a Host Board

Host Boards contribute to growing the next generation of directors’ talent. The main objective is to assist IoDZ close the experience gap faced by professionals seeking to move into governance roles

  • hosting at least one (1) future director for 12 to 36 months
  • demonstrate and uphold best practice governance
  • grow the diverse talent needed to sustain future Boards
  • invite future directors to sit in boards for selected meetings