IoDZ Notice on Corporate Governance and Corruption.

The Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (IoDZ) is concerned and seized with matters of corporate governance and corruption.

The institute recently publicized a statement on the view to cure bad corporate governance and corruption by pursuing establishment of micro and macro cultures led by leaders or directors who can cultivate trust and develop capacities for sustainable mind sets to deliver best corporate governance.

We note with concern the growth in non-compliance with good corporate governance practices. At this stage, we call upon concerned citizens who note and detect any corporate governance gaps or deficiencies to come for best advice with contributions and obtain training on best practices on compliance with corporate governance.  We are open to discuss corporate governance issues formally and informally including one-on-one forums.

We are seized with engaging Directors who are already entrusted with leadership positions at the various institutions and enterprises on implementing best corporate governance practices and principles.

IoDZ has been and continues to increase capacity to train, research and develop relevant programs on contemporary CG challenges manifesting in various forms.

We have noted social media discerning voices on corporate governances in various organisations, as the Institute we continue to approach relevant authorities to proffer solutions in line with best corporate governance practices.

 IoDZ is the home of Directors and calls upon issues to be discussed and presented and not solved on social media. We cherish the principle of practicing leadership in fairness, with integrity, embracing the duty of care for directors on both sides when resolving the matters raised.

As IoDZ we are professionally and strategically approaching the relevant authorities with a view to train and develop capabilities on dealing with matters being raised at boardroom level.

Published by order of IoDZ Council

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