The benefits of being An SMEs MEMBER of the IoDZ are as follows:

  1. You receive an IoDZ membership recognition certificate.
  2. IoDZ will conduct in-house corporate governance workshops on request at discounted rates.
  3. IoDZ will provide Director Search for a new director for your board on your instructionsat no additional cost, to ensure you find the best person for the job while achieving the optimal skills balance for the board as a whole.
  4. Up to one member will attend IoDZ functions held to update SMEs on developments in IoDZ.
  5. You will receive two complimentary copies of the IoDZ quarterly magazines.
  6. You can participate on the the Future Director Program offered by the Institute depending on the size of your board and if you meet the selection criteria requirements.
  7. Up to three Directors and/ or Executives can attend IoDZ functions and/ or training workshops on payment of (discounted) membership rates.
  8. You will receive direct communication on IoDZ programmes and activities.
  9. IoDZ training workshops and membership functions such as DoYA, luncheons, among others, provide opportunities for networking with other directors and company executives.
  10. IoDZ is a founding member of the African Corporate Governance Network (ACGN), a membership body of Institutes of Directors on the African continent whose main objective is to promote good corporate governance on the continent. As a result of IoDZ’s membership, any five executives or directors on production of an IoDZ card/membership
  11. IoDZ is also an Affiliate of IoD in the UK, which entitles its members to membership benefits in the UK, on production of an IoDZ card/ membership confirmation.
  12. Consultancy services are available for the development of a Board Charter; Board Evaluation questionnaires; Code of Ethics; Shareholder Agreement and many more at discounted rates.
  13. Membership of IoDZ also provides the member organisation with an invaluable opportunity for investing in good corporate citizenship and identifying with the promotion of sound corporate governance and sustainability programmes driven by the IoDZ

Termination of Membership

Either party can terminate membership forthwith upon 30 days written notice. The invited party should clear any outstanding balances owed to the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe.