IoDZ is a non-profit making and a nonpolitical membership organisation whose primary objective is to promote goodcorporate governance and enterprise in all organisations through advocacy, director, and executive training, as well as other activities.

Platinum Partner is the highest corporate membership category that can be bestowed on a corporation by the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (IoDZ). Corporate Members are readily identified with the objectives and values of the IoDZ, especially in the promotion of good corporate governance and quality in the direction of companies, organisations and business generally.
We have great pleasure in providing information in respect of this category of membership.

SECTION A: Platinum Partnership has the following objectives:      

  1. To contribute towards the procurement of Information Technology hardware and software, as well as provideinfrastructural support to the IoDZ.
  2. To contribute to the development of the IoDZ Resource Centre.
  3. To contribute towards the IoDZ image enhancement.
  4. To support the recruitment of qualified and competent personnel to the IoDZ.
  5. And, generally, contribute toward the operational costs of the IoDZ.

SECTION B: The benefits of being an IoDZ Platinum Partner are as follows:

  1. An IoDZ Recognition Certificate.
  2. Your company logo or roll-up banner (supplied by member) is displayed at the IoDZ offices.
  3. Your company banner (tear drop) (supplied by member) is displayed at the IoDZ premises.
  4. IoDZ will conduct in-house Corporate Governance training at the request of the Platinum Partner at discounted
  5. Enjoy one complementary corporate governance continuous professional development for all your 5 directors
  6. IoDZ will provide Director Search for new directors for your board on your instructions at no additionalcost, to ensure you find the best person for the job while achieving the optimal skills balance for theboard as a whole.
  7. Up to three representatives are invited to IoDZ functions held to brief Platinum Partners on IoDZ developments.
  8. Receive seven complementary copies of the IoDZ quarterly magazine when in production (subject to review).
  9. Up to seven Executives or Directors can attend IoDZ functions and director development courses on payment ofdiscounted membership rates.
  10. Banners are mounted at IoDZ functions in a bid to promote your corporate image and products.
  11. You will receive direct communication on IoDZ programmes.
  12. As a Platinum Partner you have the first right of refusal in respect of the Director of the Year Awards
  13. Platinum members will be invited to IoDZ training workshops and membership functions such as DOYA,luncheons, breakfasts amongst others, providing opportunities for networking with other directors and company
  14. IoDZ is a founding member of the African Corporate Governance Network (ACGN), a membership body ofInstitutes of Directors on the African continent whose main objective is to promote good corporate governanceon the continent. As a result of IoDZ’s membership, any five executives or directors on production of an IoDZcard/membership confirmation are entitled to enjoy membership benefits when visiting any country of an ACGNmember as if they were members of the IoD of that country.
  15. IoDZ is also an Affiliate of IoD in the UK, which entitles its members to membership benefits in the UK, onproduction of an IoDZ card/ membership confirmation.
  16. Additionally, being a Platinum Partner of the IoDZ provides you with an opportunity to invest in good corporatecitizenship by promoting sound corporate governance and sustainability programs driven by IoDZ.

SECTION C: Promotional Opportunities  

  1. Platinum member’s logo on IoDZ website redirecting to the corporate member’s website
  2. 2 mass mailing slots per month
  3. 2 governance related articles from member directors in the Zimdirector magazine
  4. Social media marketing opportunities
  5. New product launch partner

Termination of Membership

Either party can terminate membership forthwith upon 30 days written notice. The invited party should clear any outstanding balances owed to the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe