Competitive Advantage in Dynamic Markets

Our world is evolving rapidly and securing competitive advantage is increasingly difficult. The approach of the leadership team is central to success. In this event, we examine four key elements from strategy and technology, to finance and mergers & acquisitions to help you create more purposeful organisations.

Four key elements to help you drive your business in dynamic markets. Each session is run by leading experts and thought leaders ‘inspiring business’. You will not only gain deeper insight into each area but practical, tangible take–ways to help today. Each session has an open Q&A afterwards and all the speakers are available for bookable, personal 1-2-1 sessions on the day.

Lead Ahead

Despite pandemic-driven volatility, the opportunities for growth remain boundless. How do leaders resolve challenges and build more valuable, purposeful organisations?

Investment, mergers and acquisitions

In slow growth markets consolidation brings synergy, economies of scale and shareholder value. How do you buy or sell companies and secure corporate funding?

Living on Thin Air

Today, every business is a technology business and a brand. How do you harness both to increase productivity and create a ‘we want, we need motivation’?